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March 12, 2012
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Compiled Femmes COVER by jasinmartin Compiled Femmes COVER by jasinmartin
7/8/12 - Updated the cover design here, to make it in the style of an old comic... to spice it up a couple notches! (and I should have new stock for Comic-Con!!!)

Because nobody demanded it!

I've created a Frankenstein's monster of female comic culture!!! ...the compiled femme!

3 parts Cherry Darling, 3 parts Wonder Woman, 3 parts Dark Phoenix, and 3 parts Dr Mrs the Monarch, the perfect blend of comics, movies, and TV (hey, that's 3 more things, er, but four specimens)...

Why you ask?!?

Well, she's the cover girl to my new sketchbook collection COMPILED FEMMES - a collection (again, that no one demanded) of my sketchbook femme fatale fan art.

I went through all of my sketchbooks (2007-2011) and pulled out my favorite lady arts (and by that I mean the ones that made me cringe the least), to be in one massive new collection. And I mean massive.

The new collection is standard comic size (that's bigger than my sketchbooks are size wise normally), and clocks in at 52 pages (again, much bigger, 52 pages folks)!!! All full color, with 40 different works included, featuring your favorite characters from comics, film, television, and comic culture.

All that, and the books are only $10 each!!!!

I'll have the books starting this week at Wondercon, but if you'd like to pick one up online, you can visit my store: [link]

Additionally, the book is offered with a sketch cover, so for $5 extra, you can get some more crappy girl art hand drawn on the front! ;)

Here are some of the works contained within:

With many more not pictured here!
BillMcKay Mar 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Save one of those sketch variants for me. I'll definitely take it off your hands a ECCC.
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